jueves, mayo 12, 2005

Projects, projects...oh, i have so many things to do! I´ve been selected to participate in the next edition of SIMM which is the most important official fashion fair in Spain and it takes place in Madrid. Each edition they choose a bunch of young designers to showcase their designs along with the "stablished" fashion brands . And they picked me! I don´t know why but they did! I´m smitten! So i am going to be there in my little stand with all my cute stuff and i would love it if some of you could come pay me a visit! It will take place september 2-5. Well, just three months to go and i don´t even have any ideas for my next collection: spring/summer 2006. I have to start right NOW.

And, this summer i´ll be working as fashion editor in the shooting of a short film for TURGALICIA, an official company whose objective is to promote Galicia, the wonderful, rainy, green and lush spanish region in which i was born...This means a lot of work for me, because i´ll have to look for clothes, see if they fit the actors, be there to style them...i was thinking about using Adolfo Domínguez , which is a well-known fashion brand truly "gallega" and it´s quite elegant, affordable and fahion at the same time. But, of course, there will be stuff from chicadecanela in the video, you can bet! And i was thinking of using other young galician designer´s clothing. My god! This will use so much of my time! But i´m very excited!

And then there´s my webpage which i´m afraid will take a couple of months at least to be ready since i´ll be too busy to work on it on aregular basis. So to those of you putting pressure on me ( and, yes, i mean you little odd forest ! ) you better calm down or it all will take on my nerves! ;)


Anonymous carolina said...

Congratulations on SIMM, that is very exciting.
My name is Carolina and I came across your blog from ??? I can't remember now, Month of Softies I think.
I'm from California but both my grandparents are from Asturias and I visit often. I studied at Complutense in 1990.
I love your stuff.

11:10 p. m.  
Blogger little odd forest said...

congrats! that's great news! hee.. and i give you the bestest of luck for your up-coming site ~ i know it's going to be as adorable as your creations! ;) *pressure pressure pressure*

6:55 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

you little @#%*! Just you wait! :&

with love,

9:57 p. m.  

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