viernes, octubre 07, 2005

I don´t think i have ever posted about Hilda Portela, Ana Ventura e Rosa Pomar´s (a.k.a.meninas talentosas as miss chuculeta calls them) new loja -shop. Of course, you all must know about this by now, it´s only that i would so much love to go there, it is such a beautiful place: someday i want to have my own loja just like this one from this portuguese ladies: have a look at it here


Blogger natascha said...

La verdad es que la tienda tiene un aspecto estupendo, verdad? Así dan ganas de poner una tienda!

11:25 a. m.  
Blogger planeta hilda said...

gracias! come and visit, you are welcome!

3:44 a. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

¡Quen poidera...!

3:57 p. m.  

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