sábado, octubre 24, 2009

Belles filles françaises

Dearest, thanks so much for your patience concerning the new collection. We are working so hard to fulfill our lovely stockists orders. Soon, chicadecanela will be stocked in a shop near you!

Atention b
elles filles françaises: we now have a long list of lovely new french boutiques!

picture: Chez les filles

Nº1 CHEZ LES FILLES 3, passage de la Bonne Graine *Paris*

{chicadecanela} arrive à Chez les Filles click ici

acheter {chicadecanela} dans Chez les Filles click ici

Trés Jolie! ♥ ♥


Blogger Xanela Chic said...


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Blogger hello natacha said...

Bravo Mademoiselle ;)

I have also a blog since today: http://natachaplano.canalblog.com/

5:37 p. m.  

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