jueves, febrero 17, 2011

Por fin!

Finally, i´ve got the first copy of El Costurero, a new spanish craft magazine, from the same mastermind that gave us on-line mag We Love Crafts: Anabel de Fieltromanía :)

" El Costurero (The sewing box) is a small box packed tight with surprises, a common aim of all the designers we feature."

As much as I enjoy on-line mags, it´s a plesure to have a copy of a beutifully edited magazine in your hands, like a small box full of little treasures indeed!



Blogger Desde la redacción said...

Me alegra que te haya llegado todo bien :)

Me hace mucha ilusión ver que la gente hace fotos y la sube al blog. Gracias!!


2:03 p. m.  

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