sábado, marzo 05, 2005

Month of Softies

Ufff...! I´ve running through this Month of Softies entries and i am completely smitten! So many talented gals!

I liked almost every softie, but there were some really outstanding, as Claire said.

Hilary Talbot´s puppet rabbit is spotless, perfect...Allsorts´ Alice in WesterLand is fun and well made...I loved Camilla Engman´s crocheted blue rabbit although i don´t know wether it is very Alice in Wonderland, but it was one of my favorites nevertheless... The animals Erica Saladino made are incrediby well executed...The Walrus and the Carpenter from Katie Anberg...well, it´s awesome, every detail...Although simpler Kraft-o-la entrie is adorable as everything she does...Darcie´s from Unevenseam White Rabbit with clock is beautiful! I also liked Lily Rooster´s Green Clover March Hare, Sewing Stars´ Dormmouse,Mimi Kirchner´s Tweedledee and Tweedledum, the cute cake from Aoi WoWie and the no less cute by Alisha Jane, Texodus´ Crying Turtle, Mittwoch Kinder und her White Rabbit, Dream&Sugar needlefelt Sad Bunny, Alice in Blue by Hop Skip Jump, creatures from Little Dear and A Girl who creates,The Cheshire Pink Cat by The Small Object, Lonely Girl´s shapeless bunny, Pig Baby from LITLD, Buzzville´s Rabbit with Hearts...and so many more I forgot!

I would like 2 know which ones u like best and if you agree with me or not and why?

I´m looking fordward 2 the next Loobylu´s Month of Softies. Thanks Claire for given us a little (or a lot) of your time :)


Blogger betty said...

pues a mi me encantan los tuyos :)
y tus dibujos y tu logo tambien. de donde eres? donde vendes?

4:18 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Hola! Qué bonito encontrarse con una compatriota en el cyberespacio!
Soy gallega y de momento vendo en tiendas de Galicia y de Madrid, que es mi segundo hogar, pero planeo expandirme por todas partes...el virus "chicadecanela".¿De donde eres tú?
Encantada con tus comentarios, se agradece!! ;)

9:25 p. m.  
Anonymous Camilla Engman said...

I read this part of your blog after I wrote that I thought that your picture was very Alice like, kind of funny ;)

11:35 a. m.  
Anonymous Aoi Wowie said...

I just came here to comment on your project! I love the little critters in their teacups. I was surprised to find myself mentioned in your list of favorites. Thanks!

8:27 p. m.  
Anonymous Camilla Engman said...

Oh no no no I did not! :D

The blue softie is in the shop!

2:58 p. m.  

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