jueves, marzo 31, 2005

Since every crafty girl seems 2 have a cat or dog, this is mine: she´s a girl, her name´s Perlita and she is a little dog actually, although she looks like some kind of strange and cute bunny... Posted by Hello


Anonymous Camilla Engman said...

Oh my, talk about cute!!
Is she/he a puppy?

(and thank you for all the kind words :)

8:29 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

She is 4 months old now. She is part Yorkshire,part White Terrier, so she looks like a greyish stray dog...with princess eyes!

12:34 p. m.  
Anonymous Natascha said...

Me encantan los perros y Perlita parece que va a ser lista!!!!

2:39 a. m.  

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