lunes, abril 04, 2005

Month of Softies

I can´t believe it´s that time of the month...again...I couldn´t participate in Loobylu MOS project but that won´t restrain me 4 commenting on it:
There were fewer entries but cute ones as ever. My favorites were Camilla Engman´s (adorable !), Tsai-fi´s cute oriental girl and Jam Fancy´s (those huge black eyes!that dress completed with pencil pocket!that deer!). Also very interesting were the virtual girl by Allsorts, Natascha Rosenberg funny screenprinted one, Clare-Dirty Boots-Chadderton´s cute girl in a birdie dress and Sarah from The Small Object did great clothes for her doll. Also remarkable: Lyn Roberts´angry girl, Kraft-o-la´s, Pammymela´s blonde girl with huge eyes, Sewing Stars, Littlemunki, Bertha Crowley, Laura from Better Unsaid, Melissa from Sew Pretty, Buzville´s , Rhya, Jessica Borja, Fiona Dalton, Loosetooth,...
Congratulations 2 u all! It´s comforting 2 see there´s so many talented girls... U rock!


Blogger D said...

Hola, chicadecanela! Isn't the MOS gallery amazing? Your key charms are fantastic.
Thank you for mentioning my Softie last month!

2:24 a. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Thank u! i wonder who might "d" b? ;)

12:39 p. m.  
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