sábado, mayo 14, 2005

Month of softies(III review)

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Blogger planeta hilda said...

hi chica de canela. i am gallega too, though living in lisbon for a long long time. i love your stuff and blog. i mentioned it last week in my blog. come and visit, you will be most welcome at www.planetahilda.blogspot.com!

2:54 p. m.  
Anonymous cécile bonbon said...

Thank you ChicadeCanela! I can send other photographs to you. you have justified me to make for making other versions of this cat!

3:18 p. m.  
Blogger MiKiMoNo said...

Ah! sí, me encanta!!Además está hecho con uno de esos paños de cocina que veo en mi casa desde que era muy chiquita.

7:28 p. m.  

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