martes, junio 07, 2005

First Fred Flare shopping spree

Spread over tee by Troublemakers screen-printed with impossibly gorgeous Keren Richter illo... Posted by Hello


Blogger momo said...

thanks for link! she has wonderful artwork!

so you are a law graduate? are you going to be qualified soon then? i hate it so much that i often dream of quitting this job =P...those are my sweetest dreams!!

oops...shouldn't be checking personal emails...=)

9:54 a. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

I´m not qualifying, because, after graduating, i took a degree in fashion design and that´s what i do for a living!

12:45 p. m.  
Blogger â™¥ joleen ♥ said...

i've been wanting that pouch for a while now! it's so cute! :D

5:04 a. m.  

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