viernes, junio 03, 2005

I have a new friend: momo. She´s added chicadecanela to her inspiring blogs sidebar; how cool is that!
I think we have quite similar tastes: we´ve even posted the same pics sometime, haven´t we? Visit her at: and awe at her delicate jewelry creations at:

Through her site i found another chika, her of Chikagraphy , and fell in love with her lovely felt animals: i mean, look at them and tell me you don´t love them too! It seems she´s planning an on-line store soon; i can foretell it´ll be a sweet success!!!

And then, via TSO, i found Saelee Oh, who makes the most amazing + cute paper cutouts. And also has an upcoming on-line shop which also looks like it´s gonna be super lovely!



Blogger momo said...

thanks for mentioning me! i still think you are the luckiest girl in the world...with benny on your side...! (don't i sound like a jealous highschool girl...?)



6:18 a. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Are you jealous,indeed? Well, i might let you hold him 4 a while...

8:47 a. m.  
Blogger Marta Mendes said...

jealous too, benny is adorable :)

5:48 p. m.  
Anonymous Hanna said...

Great links! Thank you!

11:19 a. m.  

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