sábado, mayo 28, 2005

The Small Object eye candy festival

TSO goodness Posted by Hello
I got all this cool stuff from Sarah Neuburger, the cute + lil´girl behind The Small Object friendly emporium.
This is what i got, from top left: "Fortune Teller Miracle Fish" - "Fingerprint Friends mini Notecard Set" - "Limited edition Miniature Print Holly Molly" - "The Small Object Pack of Postcards" - "The Smith Family Notecard Set" which is sold out and therefore much sought after! - cute lil´note with 1 "Share" sticker from the "I´m Rubber & You´re Glue Sticker Set" - "Apple Pan Dowdy Collage Print" also super sold out!

Everything came so neatly packaged + color coordinated! Sarah, u´r the cream!


Blogger The Small Object said...

You're so smart + creative--that's the best little display!! And thank you for agreeing to a swap, I'm so excited to get it!! xo, sarah

10:36 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

hope u get it soon! :)

11:16 a. m.  

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