miércoles, junio 15, 2005

So, being her birthday, surely she deserved something gorgeous, exquisite, marvellous... Posted by Hello but i could only come up with this. Guess what? She loved it! Of course, like she loved my every drawing that i gave her as a present when i was little. Mums are like that, aren´t they?


Blogger planeta hilda said...

your mum's creations are lovely and so is your present.
my mum is a great crafter too, as yours, she does everything naturally, with no effort and without patterns at all. aren't we lucky?

7:52 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Yes,indeed! Admiro moito á minha mai: oxalá eu soupese tecer e facer crochet tan ben coma ela! ;)

12:50 a. m.  

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