martes, septiembre 13, 2005

On blog land

Probably you have all already seen Candlelight´s new shoppe: It´s so sweet-looking! Completely matching momo´s creations and sweet momo herself. I really wish you good luck,momo! (>*<)

I absolutely adore The Small Object "Loop Troupe Gang", which you can see here. She had told me she loved my "La Ourse" silk key charm that i sent her for a trade, which came in this "chicadecanela" signature pouch and it clearly shows that she did. Her approach is so funny!

I like this blog: Creature Comforts.I have found so many great links through her site that i must thank she looks like a nice girl, really!

And, have you seen what´s going on at My favorite mirror Oh my! I want to have them all! Mirrors by Seamripper (Meadow Love!), BoyGirlParty(Owl! Octopus!), Jill Bliss(Blissen Flowers!), Momomoogie(Falling!), My Paper Crane(I am the forest!)...almost all my favorite girls are there! Now, how many hand-mirrors can a girl have without being considered weird?

One can do no less than to give credit to all this constant source of inspiration, doesn´t she?


Blogger jenny vorwaller said...

hi there! i just found you via camilla and i had to comment because i'm waiting for my fav mirror to cme in the mail! seamripper is just one of my favorites...have you seen her desktops and icons? so cute! anyway, glad to find a "new" blog to read and nice to meet you!

10:31 a. m.  
Blogger momo said...

thanks for the mention!! you are so sweet! =)

11:46 a. m.  

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