domingo, octubre 23, 2005


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I ordered some stuff from one of my favorite girls: Jill Bliss ( i own one of the native flowers journals and it is one of my treasures) Everything is fantastic! I ordered one of the native herb posters, the new 2006 undersea wall calendar which is a collaboration with another fave gal: Saelee Oh, one of the pocket mirrors and the picnic party apron, which i wear everyday at the studio. Besides all this i got some goodies and nice words everywhere, showing that she cared and knew who she was selling to: this is exactly what shopping indie should be like. I felt like i was buying from a friend actually! (^_^)


I also got my free postcards for participating in the Draw a witch Halloween contest over at Penelope´s. This are lovely and a clear example of good,neat packaging. Thanks!

On this surprise loaded week i also received (at last!) my order from My Paper Crane, which i´m not posting pics off because this is for someone´s birthday(shh!). All i can say is that everything is lovely but could have done with a little bit more packaging, because things were just threw into a thin envelope with not a label or tag in sight. Maybe it´s just me ´cos i´m a sucker for pretty packaging!



Blogger momo said...

i have the herb print too, the blue flower one, and it's lovely!!

a good mailday for you! =)

12:31 p. m.  
Blogger natascha said...

Ay! qué bonito! Tengo que comprarme algo en su tienda, siempre que la veo pienso que qué bonito!

10:40 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Si, es una maravilla, Jill Bliss es muy buena!

11:37 a. m.  

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