lunes, diciembre 26, 2005


CHIBI Flower button. In exchange for one of my zakka books.

Ain´t it pretty? Go check her site: Cute stuff!

I´ve yet to receive my trade with Craftlog´s Maitreya I sent her one of my strawberry brooches + a crocheted hen brooch. I think she liked
them! Pics coming!

Some links that i´m enjoying:
  1. The girl behind Princess Tina. I love her site!(and her art)
  2. http:// I´m not a tea-drinker, but this is so cute!
  3. An inspiring web shop full of best quality handcrafted stuff.
  4. Simply, beautiful clothing


Blogger Herb and Ginger said...

Gracias Chica por tu comentario de mi sitio ^_^ Besos!

6:25 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

¡¡¡...Hablas español? ¡Que ilusión! ^-^

8:59 p. m.  

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