viernes, marzo 10, 2006

My last few posts have been a little self-centered. Sorry about that! (>,<) There´s more than chicadecanela in my world. There are a lot of things going around in the internet that i so much have wanted to post about. O.K. Here i go!:

First, there´s Angry Chicken´s Mailorder project
How could i have missed on this one is something i will never forgive myself. Such a cool idea! There´s a flickr group here, where people are posting their finished projects. There´s no way i´m missing on this one next time!

Have you heard about Whip Up?. Sure you have! All the bright girls are collaborating there: Camilla
, Claire, Maitreya... Have you heard the interview with Maitreya over at Crafty Pod? I loved hearing Maitreya´s voice and hearing her talk about this craft-blog world and about zakka books... so fun! By the way, just before i left for my internet-break i made a swap with her, i must make a separate post to talk about this: i´m sorry to have been so late! So rude of me!

I have mentioned her before: Superbrujis, she makes beautiful porcelain beads and she owns a small stylish boutique.

The coolest girl: Ariel from Beautiful Shoes.
She is the designer for the Otto et Moi line of super cute shoes ! I´ve already picked my favorites, like this, or this, or this...and what about this booties. I like them all! (>·<) !

And, hey! Why not? Some random links of designers i ´m liking: Hikaru Noguchi, Jo Gordon, Wickle, Mod Green Pod

Also, i´m making a few changes on my side bar: fron now on i will have two sepate lists for blogs: Friend´s blogs which will be permanent, (unless we fall out, God forbid!), and Inspiring blogs which will rotate ramdonly, featuring whatever blogs i´m into at the moment. That you are a friend doesn´t mean your blog is not inspiring and viceversa, if you see what i mean. :\


Blogger superbrujis said...

Muchas gracias por mencionarme en un post!!! Que sepas que es un honor viniendo de ti.

11:06 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Bueno, bueno... ya será menos ^.^!

11:34 p. m.  
Blogger Ariel said...

Bueno, ya no hay quien me sople.¡Qué ilusión tu post!Estoy muy contenta, hace unos meses veía tu blog desde fuera y ahora me parece increíble que estés hablando de mí en él.¡¡¡Muchas gracias!!!
¿Y los últimos éxitos "periodísticos" de chicadecanela?estoy a la espera de verlos publicados en tu blog!
1 beso!

8:19 p. m.  
Blogger baballa said...

Hola, soy tu tocalla y paisana, ¿te acuerdas?

Estuve en Lugo en Tolda y pude ver tus creaciones en vivo y en directo, me gustaron mucho, enhorabuena.
Por cierto al final me he decidido y abrí un blog
Si tienes tiempo para visitarlo espero que te guste, todavía estoy empezando...

11:06 a. m.  
Blogger Anabel said...

Veamos,la lista de friend´s blogs incluye poder comprar piezas chicadecanela antes de la temporada??:-) Es broma, es broma,es broma. "Mola" estar tanto en una lista como en otra,más en la segunda:-)

1:00 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Ah! Esto de las listas es un poco de mal rollo...¡pero tú estabas ya desde hace tiempo!

1:16 p. m.  

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