sábado, febrero 10, 2007


I´m back!! In fact, i came back earlier this week, but there was so much work to do around here that i just had to wait until the weekend to enjoy a little time for myself. I have already uploaded a set of pics from the fair at flickr: click here

And how was it? Very good!! It was so exciting to be in the same place with so many designers that i love: some of them become friends even! Highlights of the show were: to meet some lovely ladies like Natacha Matic, who came to help me on Thursday: she was so sweet and helpful and we (my boyfriend&I) fell in love with her french douceur. My only shame is that i don´t have any picture with her. Next time maybe, right?
The next day i had Isabel from Otto et Moi at my booth, she is also very sweet and very cool, and she came brimming with projects: i bet she had such a great time in Paris! :)

And after four days of ten hours work, finally we had some time to stroll around Paris: in the morning we went to the rue Saint-Honoré, we visited Colette and stopped for some cafe au lait and macaroons at La Durée. In the afternoon we visited Le Marais, which i loved, with its mix of small boutiques ( my favorites: Servane Gaxotte´s at rue des Saint Pères and Baby Buddha in the same street) and overwhelming department stores, like Le Bon Marché, one of my favorite stores ever: all the brands that i like (Marc by Marc Jacobs, Paul&Joe and Sister, Miu Miu, Sonia Rykiel, Cacharel, Manoush, See by Chloé, Tara Jarmon...) plus an amazing, though very expensive haberdashery, La Droguerie, full of amazing beads, Clover products and Rowan w
ool, all under one roof! And to think that our equivalent in Spain would be El Corte Inglés! Ouch!

Ah! Paris, je t´aime ! I would go back there tomorrow if i could!

Some designers that were in The Box at Prêt-à-Porter with chicadecanela and that i particularly like:

Servanne Gaxotte, who unfortunately doesn´t have a website.
Sabrina Dehoff www.sabrinadehoff.com
Miss Bibi www.missbibi.com
Maloles www.maloles.com
Estelle Yomeda www.estelleyomeda.com
Les Précieuses
Tomoko Furusawa www.tomokofurusawa.com

among others. Such a beautiful company!


Blogger Anabel said...

Qué emocionante todo!!
Lo poco que puedo ver es precioso... Tengo muchas ganas de que nos des más detalles.
(¿has visto la revista?)

10:48 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

hola! ¿no has visto mi email?

11:01 p. m.  
Blogger evashouse said...

Me encanta,espero que hayas triumfado en tierras francesas. Si lo hubiera sabido te hubiera dado una dirección en Paris parecida a "La mercerie", se llama tout à loisirs, aunque puedes ver su website y descargar su catálogo:
Espero que te guste.

8:42 a. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Gracias por el link! Me encanta! :)

12:49 p. m.  
Blogger Años Luz said...

Me ha encantado todo!!! como siempre, seguro que los franceses se han quedado con la boca abierta ante tus productos....un beso.

1:58 p. m.  
Anonymous xhiara said...

Qué bueno ir a trabajar y encontrarte con gente tan maja!.
Preciosa la zona con tus productos.

Un beso!

2:22 p. m.  
Blogger Beatriz said...

Qué bonito todo! Te quedó fenomenal :)

Me alegro que disfrutaras y que te encontraras con tanta gente :p Qué bien!

8:58 a. m.  
Blogger Majeak Ann said...

me alegra la hayas pasado super bien!
Me encanta como se ve tu espacio, muy elegante..bien tu!
Se que seguirás teniendo éxito, si que me inspiras Lucía...
te mando un abrazo! felicidades!!

1:16 a. m.  
Blogger Ariel said...

hola hola compañera!
¡gracias por esos piropos!fue un placer conocerte y encontrar a alguién "conocido" entre tanto pabellón.Estoy desconectada de los blogs,no me da el tiempo.
¿Cuándo te vienes a Madrid?jeje...que no se te olvide.

10:56 p. m.  
Anonymous momo said...

looks like a lot of fun and i really like the look of your booth!! ^_^

7:17 a. m.  
Anonymous Niina said...

Oh wow!! The booth looks so amazing, I love the cool chicness it oozes :D Those little white trees that hold the jewellery are so wonderful! Such a great idea <3 OMG and the wire mannequin holding the bag!!! So divine, so beautiful!

12:25 p. m.  
Blogger belula said...

Qué genial!, seguro que has conocido muchísima gente super importante. Seguro que les han encantado tus creaciones. Enhorabuena!

7:03 p. m.  

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