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Hi Ladies! Where do i start? I have updated le shoppe with some new awesome stuff that is not by chicadecanela. Although it´s chicadecanela cute!

You know that i like to feature designers whose work i personally love and feel that you might love too!

I´ve done it in the past with sweet Natacha Matic from France, { and there will be more Natacha coming, i promise! She is one of my favorite girls and artists}, and enigmatic Mellow from Singapore. And now i´d like to introduce...

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. · . · ¡DRUM ROLL! . · . · . · . ·

Petit Pois !

Petit Pois is Céline O´Donnell and Céline is a cute french girl - and can french girls be any other way?- who works full time as a graphic designer but still finds time to collaborate with a friend to make this whimsical, adorable, really tiny pieces ( they are an average of 2.5cm each).
When i first laid eyes on this lovely rings, earrings and brooches i was like, o my god! They are
so cute! They looked like fairy-tale stuff to me and i was not wrong, since this pieces are very much inspired by forests, animals, retro stuff, vintage music and all things magical!
In short, i asked Céline to send over some of her things and know they are at La Boutique
for all of you to browse and enjoy.

**Petit Pois at chicadecanela.com**


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Danielle Smits !
This pieces by artist Danielle Smits are breathtakingly beautiful. They are cute but strange at the same time, because they are based on a really eccentric idea that i love, that you can wear your favorite porcelain pieces around your neck instead of leaving them gathering dust on the mantelpiece. That´s why they are crafted in the shape of vintage figurines that resemble your grandma´s favorites, but with a twist.
I love all about them: vintage look, cute shapes, lovely colors, and the fact that there´s an idea behind doesn´t hurt, either!
As you might have guessed, Danielle is a ceramic artist -she´s from the Netherlands-, she makes all kinds of sculptures and pieces and this is her first wearable art collection!

And that´s about it... oh! no!, i forgot! There´s also this couple of cute Ceciles available:

Two new Cecile Original in dark blue and fucsia, aren´t they a lovely pair? Blue features pearly feet and Fucsia´s are swarovski. They can be found right here.
...and, really, i don´t want to bore you with too much shop talk, but there is really a nice offer this week, that with every purchase you get this 30% off card plus you automatically enter to win one Cecile Marie in a little raffle we´d be having on June 10th. Just so you know. Don´t tell me that i didn´t warned you!


Blogger Beatriz said...

Qué de propuestas! Y todas bien interesantes! Los accesorios de porcelona de Danielle me encantan!

9:11 a. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Gracias Beatriz! Verdad qué son una preciosidad?

9:37 a. m.  
Blogger maca said...

estoy de acuerdo con beatriz... todas las cosas que tienes en tu tienda son tan delicada que cuesta cantidad elegir!
Yo de momento ya tengo a mi Cecile que ha llegado como invitada a "detalles en tecnicolor"...
Pásate cuendo puedas a ver qué te parece..
un beso!

12:02 p. m.  
Blogger Glamourosa83 said...

Que maravillas....en cuanto pueda tengo que echar un vistacito intensivo. Me ha gustado todo mucho!


9:31 a. m.  
Blogger baballa said...

el mes que viene me hago con una cécile... me encantan y los accesorios de porcelana!!!!!

9:48 a. m.  
Blogger misspink said...

Me ha encantado tu página, heces unas cosas preciosas. Enhorabuena!!

1:15 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

¡Gracias Miss Pink! ^^

9:26 p. m.  
Blogger Glamourosa83 said...

Ya he hecho mi nuevo pedido..ahora toca ahorrar pq quiero una Cecile..que ganas!! Así que me pondré a ello.


10:59 a. m.  
Blogger 1001 Acessórios said...

que peças lindas! muitos parabens!


1001 acessórios

6:24 p. m.  

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