jueves, marzo 29, 2007

I don´t have any time left in my life but i just wanted to comment on this press appearences by two of my favorite girls: above,We Love Crafts Magazine is featured in spanish Marie Claire this month. Congratulations Anabel! To the right, is Isabel Moralejo, designer and alma mater of Otto et Moi shoes, being featured no less than in Vogue accessories special looking absolutely gorgeous and stylish! Congratulations to her too!
And i was enchanted to see that chicadecanela made a special, albeit tiny, appearance too, thanks to Isabel´s mood board. Can you spot me?:

* update! WE LOVE CRAFTS in Fred Flare blog. Check it out!


Blogger maca said...

hola chicadecanela!
acabo de ver tu invitación pinchada en el corcho de otto et moi en "vogue complementos"!
la próxima vez habrá que pedir un página entera tb para ti. felicidades!

8:13 a. m.  
Blogger Beatriz said...

Qué detalle, verdad? Me alegro mucho por ambas.

8:47 a. m.  
Blogger Anabel said...


12:26 p. m.  
Blogger hello natacha said...

I can :)

6:47 p. m.  
Blogger Ariel said...

¡¡jejeje!!qué vista tienes! y yo que pensaba avisarte...Mil graciaspor le posto, menudo lujo.Tenemos que hablar de proyectos comunes...besos

8:10 p. m.  

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