viernes, diciembre 14, 2007

Today is the last day of the "Le Chat, la Clef et les Petits Secrets" story in the shoppe. It has been a wonderful month! I have gotten a great response to the "notitas" small note set that was given free with every order. But it was not just that: every parcel went out carefully packaged with details in the b/w le chat theme: small paper bags, stamps, little stickers, mailing labels... everything matched! It was a joy to see all the parcels looking so good together!

Stay tuned this weekend for new stuff and new freebies!


Blogger maca said...

es que eres única... desde tus diseños hasta tus paquetes son tan tuyos!

9:38 p. m.  
Blogger Luciana Onofre said...

Muy hermoso todo lo expuesto!

8:45 p. m.  

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