miércoles, noviembre 07, 2007

Around the web in a day


theshinysquirrel.com is the new on-line shop by stylish Jessica. It features a tasteful array of designers and artists from very different backgrounds. chicadecanela is very proud to have been selected to participate and thus rub shoulders with outstanding creative people like Sugarloop, My Paper Crane, Lisa Congdon, Caroline Hwang, Jezebel...
Jessica asked for an exclusive design and i came up with a revamped image for the Sweet Party collection: there´s the little she-bear, Cécile and Sweet Heart all in beige silk and tea-stained lace, which gives them an extra vintage feel. Have a look at them all here.
And don´t forget to have a look around the shop, there´s so many cool stuff!


whippetgrey.co.uk is this beautiful on-line shop which unfolds like one of those moving pictures books for children. They search the world far and wide for awesome treasures and they also have a mail-order catalog that you can order at their site. The new catalog is ready and they have some chicadecanela in it!

What they say about us: "In a tiny ‘taller’ in the north of Spain, a small team of seamstresses toil away in a make-believe world of miniature rabbits, cats and bears. Spilling from boxes, baskets and trays are samples of the finest fabrics, beads and charms that have been collected from around the world. Each jewelled hanging pendant is like a little piece of couture." Mini Couture, they call it. Charming!
But, really, take your time to browse through everything, because they have soooo many beautiful things.


What´s going on here? Read an interview and enjoy a SNEAK PEEK of the new chicadecanela collection at JCH blog. Right here.


Blogger Anabel said...

Whippetgrey es impresionante,¿vas a aparecer en el libro móvil también?

Yo creo que no tienes más sorpresas de las que nos esperamos para el próximo año:-)

9:59 p. m.  
Blogger Beatriz said...

Qué de cosas! Qué bien todo!

8:30 a. m.  
Anonymous Niina said...

I wish I could read Spanish but the pictures are absolutely delicious!

9:13 a. m.  
Blogger maca said...

opino igual que anabel, la entrevista en JCH y este post nos dejan entrever que a chicadecanela le queda mucho camino por andar.. un camino que estoy segura que estará lleno de éxitos.
te lo mereces.
un abrazo!!

4:14 p. m.  
Blogger evashouse said...

Muchas felicidades!!

5:14 p. m.  
Blogger Flopii said...

es todo tan lindo!sabés que cada tanto paso a visitarte para felicitarte y ver todo lo que haces..

2:21 a. m.  
Blogger macati said...

they are sooooo cute! me gusta!

10:07 a. m.  
Blogger Adictaaloscomplementos said...


es genial ;)


9:58 p. m.  
Blogger AB Complementos said...

Cuántos éxitos! Muchas felicidades!!

12:23 a. m.  
Blogger Gina said...

Oh so very sweet!

5:17 a. m.  

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