miércoles, abril 13, 2005

Girls that rock my world!

Girls 2 watch...

The Small Object I love her web, it´s very dinamic, cute, well-made, with a lot of interesting things: raffle, giveaway, goodies...i love the money certificates! I don´t know, it´s full of good ideas...and the blog i´m very hook 2 it too: she´s always offering stuff 4 free and showing in every detail that she has a kind heart, besides great talent...i wish u good luck on your enterprise, Sarah!

Boy Girl Party Well, Susie is already very well-known as i see, but i only find her out lately: i love the stuff she makes, it´s different from everyone elses and very professional looking without loosing that beloved crafty look. The website is well laid out, clear and easy and with a sense of humour...Good!

Also i encourage u 2 visit Natascha S. Rosenberg´s website, she is a german illustrator, but most of her work was published in Spain were i think she lives or used 2 live: she graduated in Law in Madrid: i´m also a Law graduated!---Anyway, her work is charming, naive and professional and her softie 4 MOS was great!see it

Thank´s 4 sharing.


Anonymous Natascha said...

Wow!!! Muchas gracias por tus bonitos comentarios!!! Pues es verdad que Derecho tiene muchas salidas profesionales =)!!! No te equivocas, vivo en Madrid y soy medio española y medio alemana (aunque el lado español me tira más). Me encanta tu trabajo,porque parece minucioso y hecho con cariño Y eso es tan importante!!!

1:24 a. m.  
Blogger The Small Object said...

You're far too sweet...thank you so much for your kind words!
xo, sarah

2:42 a. m.  
Blogger MiKiMoNo said...

Gracias de nuevo por los links, estuve mirando y encontré cosas muy interesantes!!

10:15 a. m.  

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