lunes, mayo 16, 2005

Yay,Pocket money!

Yes, i´ve just got some money on my paypal account and here is what i´m gonna do with it: spend it all! Yes, but i´ll be spending it on indie businesses 2 support fellow crafters: the thrill without the guilt, as if 2 say!
So now i´ve got 2 decide in which particular indie shops i will spend my money. I´ve made up a lil´wish list, but, of course, i cannot buy it all so, sooner or later, i´ll have 2 edit it. But here it is:
  • I absolutely want this from Lovely Design: i think it´s one of the coolest things i´ve ever seen. It would look just perfect on my new office desk...
  • I´ll be buying organic beauty stuff like soaps, lipbalms,etc.from either The Pretty Things or Prairieland Herbs . I´m really into this kind of stuff.
  • Surely, before i die, i want 2 b the lucky owner of a Camilla Engman crocheted creature, but they are so hard 2 land + although i like them all i have not yet found one that could compare 2 this(*)
  • Something from cool shops like Forest Prints The Small Object ( Sarah has restocked her shop with cool items; check then out!) Natascha´s shop Crèation Natacha Matic...
  • I´m waiting 4 2 of my favorite shopping haunts Blissen and CutxPaste 2 add new items, which should be happenin´sometime soon.
  • This cannot be considered an indie store, but i´ll be buying mostly things made by independent designers, so: FRED FLARE. I´m just waiting 4 the next big thingers 2 b all featured!

And that´s all. I think it´s more than enough! If someone has an opinion or knows other cool on-line shops please let me know. Oh,how i LOVE shopping!


Anonymous carolina said...

Is it hard to find those kind of organic soaps and beauty products in Spain?

9:12 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

I don´t know; i´ve seen some brands that carry this things, but they are quite expensive, whereas this usa shops are really affordable; but if you knew some place to buy this stuff in Spain i would love to know.

9:50 p. m.  
Anonymous carolina said...

I will bring you some in Septemeber ;-)

12:49 a. m.  

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