miércoles, junio 15, 2005

After we saw this Marc by Marc Jacobs shrug in a shop at a scandalous 300$ my mum said, granny style: " Nonsense, this is so easy to make; i´ll knit you one presently" Posted by Hello


Anonymous Natascha said...

Vaya suerte!!

2:33 a. m.  
Blogger little odd forest said...

you mum ROCKS!! i can see where you inherited your good sense of style ;)

4:27 a. m.  
Blogger momo said...

wow!! this is sooooooo pretty!!!

10:55 a. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Thanks, i´ll be telling her!

11:42 p. m.  
Blogger â™¥ joleen ♥ said...

oh what a crafty mum!! i love it!! :D

5:04 a. m.  
Blogger Tania Ho said...

This is beautiful, your mom is very talented :-)

6:40 p. m.  
Anonymous Gina said...

OMG I would love to have a shrug like that! I wish they had patterns out there that pretty! Way to go mom!

11:21 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

She didn´t use a pattern really, so i guess it´s one-of-a-kind!

9:31 p. m.  

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