miércoles, junio 15, 2005

Happy b-day, mama!

My mum is such a crafty chick. She can knit or crochet almost anything without apparent effort. She does help me a lot with my designs and she has great style. She has a thing against designer clothing being expensive just for the nametag that´s sew on and, whenever she sees something that´s knitted or crocheted that i´m drooling over she files it in her brain and, some time afterwards, she presents me with a spot on rip-off that´s sometimes even better than the original version: she´s made the big houses lost bagfuls of money, i swear! She´s a danger!

Look what she made me just the other day: A Marc by Marc Jacobs look alike shrug that is über-cool and costs 300$ or so in its original version and a cute cactus brooch that she saw on a MiuMiu green poloneck, like the one that i own but priced three times more. I´m a lucky one!