martes, octubre 25, 2005

I´ve just been aproached to impart a short course about packaging...i don´t know anything about imparting lessons and although i´m such a sucker for nice packaging i don´t know how this could translate into talking about it in public. Does anyone know where in the www can one go to find beautiful packaging and ideas to show to my soon-to-be pupils? I will be so grateful for whatever hint anyone bestows upon me!


Blogger momo said...

hmmm...there are a couple of packaging related groups on flickr which i've come depending on what kind of packaging you are concentrating on:

and also a jap url which i found earlier:

hee...guess the latter two are more about handmade packaging and gift wrapping...maybe those aren't what you are aiming to talk about...=)

hope that helps! ^^

9:31 a. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Oh, sweet Momo, thanks so much for the links, you made my day! This will be useful, even the last one, because the course is aimed at small crafters.
Thanks! you´re like the internet angel ^^

10:47 a. m.  
Blogger Aqua said...

Well, maybe it would help if you took some practical examples to the class and explained them as you used them. And maybe talk about different types of packages. Hard boxes, fabric baggies (organza, for instance) and so on.. Depending on the item you want to wrap and on how much you are willing to invest on packaging materials.

Did I help at all? ehehe

Good luck!

6:00 a. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

That´s a great idea! Obrigada!

11:59 a. m.  
Anonymous olivia-p said...

acabo de verte no v nenos, escribiriacho pero non teño a túa dirección, era unha nena que se chamaba coma min e levaba un vestido de la, ao mellor hai máis, empecei a rev por detrás, pero levo presa que traballo de tarde e deixei a rev para dicircho

1:14 p. m.  
Anonymous olivia-p said...

preciosos complementos, ya sabes que estoy en fase de crochetear y la carterita es lindísima, justo las cositas que me encantan ;-0

10:12 a. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Gracias! ^^

8:46 p. m.  

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