viernes, abril 07, 2006

OH MY * * *

More chicadecanela press appearances! Just above this lines a colourful display appeared some weeks ago in La Voz de Galicia, a spanish newspaper. It features a lot of my stuff,plus a review of the brand, you can click it to read it -sorry, in spanish!-. A whole sheet just for chicadecanela ! I owe this only to the kindness of Ariel Once again and from here: ¡ Gracias !

On top, you can see both Cècile and the little crocheted House, among a beautiful display of cute stuff. This spread belongs to Nuova Passerella magazine. A brand new mag made by young people and featuring young spanish design mostly: i saw some favorites there, like Monica Garcia, Ailanto
or Raquel Moreno, along with others not already so known as Bysus, Laura Frias, Mamita Linda, Sara Culpable!, or your very own chicadecanela :)
The magazine is distributed only in the Murcia area, so, if you are from Murcia and have bought the magazine (which i recomend) and you are wondering how you can get your very own Cècile or anything else by chicadecanela, just go to my website, where you will find two shops in your city where you can actually buy the stuff!


And some random links for the weekend:

1.MAHAR Drygoods is this sweet on-line store selling stuff that´s theoretically for children but that we´ll all adore!
The logo and bussiness imagery was designed by Jen Corace. Awesome!
2.CROWDED TEETH, oh how much i´m liking her knew patches designs! But my all-time favorite is the Teru-teru. creature
3.FRENCH GENERAL,beads,notions...oh my!
4.COX&COX, found this via Oh Joy! (like most of the cool stuff, actually), i just can´t get this brown sugar cubes off my mind!
5.LUXE PAPERIE, all the favorites (Elum,Hello Lucky!,Snow&Graham...) in one spot.
6.PRICKIE, (also an Oh Joy! finding), original art badges.I warn you: it´s adictive! The shop is so smart and cleverly designed. There are some beautiful badges in there.

Well, that should be enough!



Blogger Anabel said...

Oh! Cuantas cosas... La Cécile de la revista nueva es la que me gusta...

11:36 p. m.  
Blogger Dhube said...

Enhorabuena!!!!!y gracias por los links!!

1:23 p. m.  
Blogger little odd forest said...


you've been making some press waves ^o^ and those must be quality ones too, judging from the nice spread layouts!

and i've loved crowded teeth for quite some time! esp their octopussy heee

6:52 a. m.  
Blogger natascha said...

Muchas felicidades por los artículos. Qué bien, cómo me alegro por ti!! Gracias por compartir los links, alguno no los conocía y tienen cosas preciosas!!

6:36 p. m.  
Anonymous Kelley said...


6:14 p. m.  
Blogger Beatriz said...

Muchas felicidades!

1:03 p. m.  
Blogger esquise said...

Wow! So much interesting things... those shoes link... oh my GOODNESS...

Congrats for the press!

4:12 p. m.  
Blogger Sofia Barao said...

congratulations, evrything is so beautiful :)

4:29 p. m.  
Blogger Ariel said...

Enhorabuena!has tardado en colgarlo!Llevo un buen rato disfrutando con los links, son geniales.Muchas gracias por la mención!1 beso

11:11 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Well, thanks for your nice comments, you all! ^^

5:31 p. m.  
Anonymous innamorata said...

Ay que brava ! Todo es muy bonito ! You deserve all that advertising !

7:42 a. m.  
Anonymous lyn said...

Congratulations !

11:28 p. m.  
Anonymous amy said...

Yayyy felicidades chica! Me alegra que estes recibiendo toda esta atencion! :D :D

6:04 a. m.  
Blogger eendar said...

ayyyy en esa foto se ve el monedero de la casitaaaaaaa hija, es que cada vez que lo veo me emociono :D

7:42 p. m.  
Blogger Sweet Treat said...

I love your things!... So fun ... and of course big congratulations... they all look so lovely no wonder they got a whole page!

10:46 a. m.  

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