lunes, febrero 19, 2007

we love crafts mag!

Probably most of you know already, that´s what happens when one is so behind everything :),
but this here picture is a spread from the premier issue of the brand new first online spanish magazine dedicated to all things crafty! We Love Crafts Magazine.
The mag is only in spanish at the moment, but it pays to have a look because of the beautiful layout, courtesy
of fantastic graphic designer Monica from Mikimono, what a great work! This is by far the most stylish indie online
crafts magazine that i know off!
But We Love Crafts is not only worth it because of its looks,
also because of the contents, featuring great tutorials, ideas, works in progress...
and interesting articles like, dare i say it, my own article about zakka style, entitled
"Zakka name", acompanied by a tutorial on how to make this very zakkaish zippered pouch,
which can be downloaded right here:
Download tutorial.
Congratulations to lovely Anabel from Fieltromania (the heart of WLCM),
she should be so proud of how this project turned out :)
Oh! And there´s also a blog for the magazine:

A great addition to our crafty world!


Blogger macati said...

oh, the magazine is great! I love it! couldn't you add a newsletter to know when you have new stuff?
thank you for this great idea!
bye, manela

10:05 a. m.  
Blogger Anabel said...

Contenta estoy yo de tener tan buenas colaboradoras^_^

11:44 a. m.  
Anonymous momo said...

looks like a very nice magazine!! wish i could read Spanish!! ^_^

7:16 a. m.  
Anonymous Niina said...

Oh I wish I knew spanish as well! The layout is so nice, exactly my kind of thing!

7:46 a. m.  
Anonymous Anónimo said...

Estou desejando que cheguem as vossas novidades, ainda falta tanto até Abril!

4:49 p. m.  

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