domingo, abril 17, 2005

The Sampler

Yay, my Sampler it´s here: it didn´t took so long after all. I had such a good time opening it and examining every little item carefully.
My fave by far was Forestprints´ cute poisonous mushroom: the item is simple but well made and full of charm and the label is gorgeous: looks so professional. I encourage u so much 2 visit her website charming!
Also quite good were Funky Utopia´s Hemp soap (and it smells so delicious!) - Her vintage´s heart keyring(which i got in militar geen and shocking pink) - Silvia Chenault´s heart felt brooch - Vintage Faerie´s pendant and jennicake´s notebook.
I also loved receiving the promos, especially the Miss Hawklet pencil: quite cool!
And, samplers i wish i got but i didn´t: My Paper Crane´s flower garden( i wanted it so badly!), a Frau Liebe´s patch, Pink Thread´s buttons or knitting kits, The Small Object´s book, Little Dear´s felt animals ( i wanted the bunny,boo!), as well as various soaps and lipbalms which i can´t get enough of. And a lot more!

The whole experience has been great, starting with the envelope which was stamped with hearts, and everything was in good condition: thanks Marie! Looking forward to the May Sample...


Blogger little odd forest said...

you're a law graduate and a designer! how cool is that!! :D i admire your guts to do what you're passionate about. i dropped out of economics to do design in the U.S. lol

your designs are really cute~ your strawberries are good enough to eat! i'm anxious to see the rest of your stuff at your own site/ wherever you're going to sell them at :D

3:28 a. m.  
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