miércoles, mayo 18, 2005

(*)forget about this. Now this one is mine. He´s coming straight 2 me. Tell ya when he´s arrived. Thanks Camilla!

In other order of things, 2day i´m going 2 Madrid and won´t b back ´till Sunday night, so no more posts this week!(Like if anyone would care...). Reasons 4 my going 2 town:

  • Star Wars Premiere in Spain (i know u have already seen it, but i don´t want 2 hear...)
  • IKEA shopping ( i´m moving 2 a new house and we want to lay it out prettily and cheapily)
  • Buying new materials and stuff for my new collection. There are awesome vintage shops in Madrid selling buttons, fabrics, trimmings...i adore haberdasherys!
  • Paying a visit 2 my sista who lives there and in whose house i´ll be staying.
  • Shopping in general. I´m in such an spending mood!

So...see ya!

Sarah, your package is on its way, guess it´ll take a week or so. And don´t worry ´bout yours: someone will b here 2 fetch it if it arrives while i´m away. I´m also eagerly waiting 4 my sampler: should b here sometime soon!