domingo, abril 16, 2006

Hello. There´s really not much going on around here. I do have some new things in store for the near future, but i can not disclose anything just yet.
I got my Mailorder from AngryChicken: ´twas a pleasure to receive that luxurious red envelope which, by the way, came almost in mint condition. I might try my hand with the bonnet pattern, but i don´t think i´m brave enough to wear it myself in the street, a la Sarah from TSO. Speaking of her, i´ve just ordered some stuff from her site which i´m eagerly waiting for! She´s this small genious!
Thinking about spending my money, which is something i do frecuently, Decole comes to mind.There are two places that i know of which sell Decole stuff in the States and they will ship internationally: (coming soon)

Surely i must buy myself some Decole sometime, uh?



Blogger little odd forest said...

you too? haha! decole... i've been trying hardest to buck the trend and not get it. why??? i must be crazy to torture myself like that.. it just seems like when i get one, i need to get ALL OF THEM! LOL

happy friday!

8:32 p. m.  
Blogger M. Patrizio said...

Yay! another Decole shop! Thanks for the link!

9:48 p. m.  
Blogger Majeak Ann said...

Muchas felicidades chica por tus artíclos en el periódico, que emoción!
Me gustan los productos Decole..a ver si yo me premio con uno de esos un día también!

2:34 a. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

¡Gracias por tu felicitación! ^^

12:57 p. m.  
Blogger momo said...

I am very new to craft blogs but hppened to find yours and I really like it.

I would love to make bonett too. Where di dyou get the pattern?

Here is my blog,just started though.

4:02 p. m.  

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