viernes, mayo 19, 2006

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(it´s still Friday,right?)


Princess Tina is a fabulous cute product line developed by australian artist/designer Beci Orpin.
I much admire the originality of the design and the carefully put together collections she launches, with perfectly polished objects that become an instant must-have. Princess Tina´s collections are very strong on graphics: the tooth, the raincloud...this icons have been copied a thousand times.
I have so many favorites from her collections! ( a selection above) If i had to buy just one ( and, knowing me, i will), it will be the Raincloud necklace or the Tooth Charm Brooch or the Swallow Brooch or...i´d go crazy if i had to chose just one!

· Princess Tina Official Site (coming soon)

· Beci Orpin website

Interviews with Miss Beci Orpin:

· Fred Flare
· Australian INfront · Etnies Plus (she made a collection for them!)

Places to buy Princess Tina (and great shops by themselves too!):

· Giant Robot Store · The One40Five Store · Chocosho
· Flatspot
· Keith+Lottie · Busy-Being · Magic Shop


Blogger Ariel said...

¡¡Buen trabajo de investigación!!Has cumplido tu promesa!Ya la tenía yo fichada también, me encanta el diseño de su web.

1:23 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Si, la web es una pasada! A mí también me encanta:)

3:39 p. m.  
Anonymous loretta said...

no la conocía y me encanta!! gran descubrimiento ^_^!!!

6:23 p. m.  

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