miércoles, agosto 16, 2006

Blog Love

First of all, thanks so much! I´m so happy with the shop and a lot has to do with you blog people. I have been congratulated over and over again, been told how sweet my shop is, how lovely the stuff in it is and, of course, i have been selling Cèciles and Boutiques of Papillons, all prettily wrapped up in small tissue paper bags strung with chocolate&white baker´s twine and sealed with 'la tienda' stickers. I have been adding goodies to orders, always fearing that it won´t be enough...how much do i love to get pretty goodies in an order! I hope each parcel feels like a present, because that´s what it´s intended to be. Nothing but cute would do.

I still have some 'Blog Love' kits left (see post below if you don´t know what i´m talking about, where have you been?), so i´m going to maintain the offer for, say, another week, until next wednesday, i want to keep some to give to friends&special people...So if you was doubting whether to place an order, don´t doubt anymore or you´ll loose it! :p
I have been getting emails from non-spanish speaking people who want to purchase in the shop but just can´t find their way around. I know, i must get an english version, pronto! That i owe to you. Meanwhile, it´s ok to email me -info[at]chicadecanela[dot]com- with your wish list. I will give you a shipping quote without obligation on your part!

Thanks for all the support and love, here are some very very nice people who have mentioned chicadecanela in their posts:

-Beatriz from 'De Tacones y Bolsos'
-Anabel from 'Fieltromania' and in Whip Up too!
-Lynda from 'Little Odd Forest'
-Laura from 'Rebusca que te busca'
- and Natacha Matic!

Update: Marjorie from 'Majeak Ann'

Now, that´s what i call * B L O G L O V E *


Anonymous ellia said...

ohhhh myyyyy!!! your dolls are sooo lovely! they do remind me of cut paper *wink*.... your work is just very very cute! and so is your website!!! i will be sure to keep checking for more goodies!!!

9:34 p. m.  
Blogger Anabel said...

Es que hay mucho Blog love:-)

8:30 p. m.  
Blogger Majeak Ann said...

Te adoramos Lucía...(mencioné tu tienda online..(un chin tarde) en mi blog) ay es que he estado metida en tantas cosas últimamente..pero sabes que te apoyo siempre y adoro lo que haces. Espero tu clientela crezca cada día más y más...es uno de mis mayores deseos.Siempre agradecida.
si que hay mucho Blog Love!

5:32 a. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Ya ví que la mencionaste! Muchas gracias! Me ruborizas...(^.^)!

11:59 a. m.  
Blogger laura said...

gracias a tí por todas esas cosas tan bonitas!

2:35 p. m.  

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