viernes, julio 07, 2006

friday i´m in love

Papa Stour is an on-line boutique offering a selection of goods from scottish crafters. But more than that, Papa Stour is a huge influence for me: one of the most beautiful web shops i´ve ever seen, with a calm and very modern lay out, wonderful pics and a tasteful selection of good, clean, contemporary design.
I´ve just received my first order from Papa Stour; when you order something from this shop you will receive the item directly from the designer, which, for those of us who love to get snail-mail, only makes the experience more delightful. I ordered the Spotty mice by Spiky Pebble in sky blue, and it came wrapped with lovely blue gingham ribbon and kraft brown stamped tags, and i also ordered the Small ceramic bauble in pale mint and the Low porcelain dish in unglazed pink both by Rachel Jayne Rogers (a gorgeous ceramic artist), which came in a sleek package of black signature box and black tissue paper.
Also, the costumer service is super friendly, Rosie, the owner being extremely helpful and kind.
In short, such a recommendable experience that i have even made this little wishlist for more Papa Stour goodness:

- Mini turquoise round brooch by Kaz Robertson
-Charm necklace by Hannah Louise Lamb

-Silver oval cut-out earrings by Hannah Louise Lamb

-Striped scarf with knitted badge in amoroso by INTO
-Dolly birds in mint green by Clare Nicolson
-Blue enamel silver charm bracelet by Jill Paton
-Willow garland by Lise Bech

A special mention for Nebo Peklo & Port2port press set of delicately letterpressed cards.


New changes in my blog roll: new inspiring blogs, Print&Pattern , full of visual inspiration, and Shims&Sons, by a mum who turns every project into a gorgeous lesson in style. And also new friends that are also inspiring artists and crafters: Adriana from Cotton Strudel, Majeak Ann, and Nii -Snoorific Pigeon (Sini Puu). You are all a great source of inspiration and joy for me. And very, very cute, all of you! ^-^


Blogger Anabel said...

Me encanta Hannah Louise Lamb(mucho turquesa y poco rosa;-)

12:53 p. m.  
Blogger Majeak Ann said...

Tienes un gran gusto...
Me encanta lo que haces, pues le pones tanto detalle y delicadeza a tus creaciones. Te quería decir que te añadí a mis links(craft & dolls) para poder verte más seguido. Eres gran inspiración.
También es más que un placer visitarte. Lindo site, lindas cosas las de este post!

-Marjorie Ann

3:40 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Gracias por añadirme, yo también te he añadido a tí! No comprendo como no lo he hecho antes, me encantan tus dibujos y todo tu trabajo, tú si eres una gran inspiración para mí!
Gracias :*

7:38 p. m.  
Anonymous natalie said...

thanks for the mention!

8:09 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

You´re wellcome! :)

10:18 p. m.  
Blogger Majeak Ann said...

*un beso.un abrazote.*
nos veremos por aquí!

4:30 a. m.  
Anonymous sally said...

Oh, so sweet of you to mention my little blog. I love the goodies you picked up at Papa Stour!

6:57 a. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Oh, you´re wellcome, Sally! I really love your blog :*

2:24 p. m.  

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