martes, julio 04, 2006


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As participant in Mag Swap, i was lucky enough to be paired with
Adriana from Cotton Strudel herself. She sent me three of my favorite things: a good mag, pink and hello kitty!

Now i must leave you, so eager i am to open my Domino mag and start browsing...¡Gracias, Adriana! Hope you get your parcel soon!


Anonymous Adriana said...

I'm glad you got your parcel so quickly. And very happy to know you liked Hello Kitty ;-)

Happy reading!

5:45 p. m.  
Blogger Anabel said...

Qué buena pinta tiene ese domino!!Qué envidia me das:-)

6:59 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Bueno, ya te lo dejaré...¡Prometido!

7:35 p. m.  
Blogger natascha said...

qué bien!!!!

12:57 p. m.  
Anonymous li li said...

Lovely swap! :D

4:32 a. m.  

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