martes, septiembre 19, 2006

First of all, if you´d like to have a look at the whole collection, you can go to the catalog in chicadecanela´s website, there is a beautiful 'flash' display that´s worth looking at.Click here:

* * C A T A L O G * *

The idea behind the catalog is that of an imaginary chic old rural school. Everybody in it would be oh so adorable and have a great sense of style. We used an antique school desk, which was lovely by itself, and lots of props like old grammar books, maps, a globe...I wanted pictures with lots of details and a 'calm´ light, just like pictures in zakka books.

'Name' bag

In this country school that we have conjured up this above would be the bag of the sweet and stylish teacher. With plenty of room to carry all the classroom´s tests, the spelling book, chalks and short-sighted glasses. This handbag is made of 100% linen fabric, mixing two different checkered patterns. It features leather handles with cute heart shapes. In front, two patch pockets with natural rope buttons and red buttonholes, and a name tag for customization. There are also two pockets at the sides and one interior pocket too. It closes with a nice antique brass zipper and features details like handbag feet also in antique brass. Lining is a patterned dark blue cotton.

I thought it will be nice to show you an overview of the materials used for this collection:

100% natural linen fabric,
partially discoloured to achieve
the delicate checkered patterns.

Linings: cotton patterned fabrics,
mostly red or with red detail.
Color goes inside!

Notions: leather, lace, rope and ceramic
buttons, mother-of-pearl, antique
brass, polkadots... all natural and soft.


Blogger Funky Finds said...

everything looks fabulous!

4:15 a. m.  
Anonymous olivia-p said...

te he visto en Woman de este mes, me gusta el collar y el guardamóvil, pues sí muy zakka style, pero el collar es realmente riquiño. Me encanta ver tus cosas en mis revistas habituales (Vogue, Woman y Glamour), que tontada dirás pero me siento orgullosa

8:08 p. m.  
Blogger Ariel said...

¡enhorabuena!muy bonita la nueva colección, tan detallista como siempre.Tengo que hacer un pedido glamouroso...jeje.Ya te diré.
Supongo que andarás de ferias no?vienes por madrid? ya me dirás.besos

9:47 p. m.  
Anonymous amy said...

Me encanta que tu colección tenga una historia! Le da más importancia y personalidad a tus creaciones. Estoy en el proceso de crear mi primera colección para este invierno, pero no veo cómo atarlo todo. Conseguí unas telas maravillosas y quiero crear la colección alrededor de ellas. No se. Mucho que pensar! So exciting!

Me encanta tu catálogo también, el diseño gráfico está espectacular!

9:47 p. m.  

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