domingo, mayo 22, 2005

I am the Next Big Thing, (together with another 24 fellow crafters), according to the guys at Fred Flare!
Yes! Now you can find some of my stuff up there: don´t you think this is one of the coolest on-line shops around? I can´t believe they accepted my things! But they did!
They are selling the little creature pictured above, which they call a "kitty" but, in confidence, is really a she-bear...hush! You can see it in situ here This was made exclusively for Fred Flare, and it´s different-and cheaper!-than the original version , though equally cute i think.
And don´t forget to have a look at The Next Big Thing gallery, here, which features a short story of each one of the "winners" coupled with nice pics of the artists themselves, including yours truly!
More on Fred Flare soon...