domingo, mayo 28, 2006

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Wellcome to the new Fridays, Sundays! ( No, seriously,i´m too bad, i know).

This weeks´s topic:

Girls on porcelain

I adore porcelain jewellery. Maybe it´s because it´s something that i can´t do, don´t know how to do and don´t have inclination to learn to do it. But i do have a tendency to buy beautiful porcelain pieces that you can wear around your neck or on your lapel. There´s something very appealing to me in a piece of gorgeous white porcelain, decorated as it suited the author: it always looks so modern and fresh, yet feminine.

I´d love to share with you:

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Natacha Matic, a french girl, is not only a fantastic artist, but also a friend. She was the first one i ever bought something from on the internet, because when i saw those cute brooches i knew they had to be mine. She was super-friendly and filled me with goddies and, since them, i have been collecting a lot of her pieces, either by way of buying them, swaping with her or just because she gave them to me as gifts. She makes beautiful pieces in porcelain: my favorite are the brooches,each one it´s just delightful, but she also makes rings, pendants, buttons, small pieces like bowls or vases and , since she is a true artist, also awesome sculpture (see this) and painting in which she incorporates ceramic pieces ( like this, j´adore!). She is also an illustrator and she works for magazines, in children´s books, and she is a mum of two, so a multitalented!


Her website,

Her blog,

Her etsy shop

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Anne Black is an extraordinary artist from Denmark. Her pieces are very smooth, each one made by hand but with a very polished finish. My favorites: the earrings, candlecups and lampshades, but, above all, this extraordinary x-mas ornaments (via Karkovski)

Visit her website:

Places to shop:



Tivoli Home



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Casalinga is, again, a Denmark brand, composed by two girls. Their style is very pretty-pretty, whimsical and feminine. Favorites? All the brooches in pastel colors.

Visit their website:

Where to buy:

Tivoli Home, again


Blogger Beatriz said...

Hola! Muchas gracias por estos interesantes links sobre porcelana. Todo es divino... Natacha Matic me ha encantado... Tan dulce y angelical...

8:49 a. m.  
Blogger superbrujis said...

Ufff yo creo que a mi me han gustado especialmente estos links...son una inspiración para mi!

8:07 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Claro! Dentro de nada te pondré a tí también, ya sabes que me encantan las cosas que haces :)

9:39 p. m.  
Blogger çläu said...

Qué lindo blog, para llenarse el alma de cosas lindasssss!!!
te felicito!

2:58 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Gracias çläu!

6:32 p. m.  
Blogger Sofia Barao said...

You are a sweetie, hope I can find a job really really soon otherwise my life will turn out wrong :-( beautiful links :)

8:51 a. m.  

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