lunes, mayo 22, 2006

I couldn´t help myself. As soon as i saw the beautiful Flora Journal at Nebo Peklo, i knew i had to own it. I had lately been coveting a piece of work by this talented U.K artist, Natalie Tweedy.
Being the paper lover that i am this completely handmade journal was the thing for me!
And i got some really "frameable" prints of her work just because! And a cute note too!
And it came super-fast, so completely recommendable :)
Find it at Nebo Peklo´s shop.

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Of course you all already know, but Fred Flare´s Next Big Thing winners are up! The first batch of them, because there were 36 winners! Will there be any spanish crafty girl (or boy) among them? There are some from our crafty community, like (of course!) Sarah from The Small Object, Karissa Kove (one of the first crafty girls i found, back when her site was called "Crackers+honey"), Hana from She Loves Stars (who has this lovely layout for her website) and Cornyness´Danwel.
Yay for blog power!

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Sugarloop we want you back!


Blogger Anabel said...

Qué bonito es ese bloc de notas!!
Y que ganas de ver a todos los ganadores de fred flare.

11:25 p. m.  
Blogger natascha said...

Qué bonitos prints!!

3:57 p. m.  
Blogger Sofia Barao said...

this are beautiful.
Your so right Marie Claire idées is wonderful, the special number too :)

11:19 p. m.  
Blogger superbrujis said...

Llevo un rato leyendo todo que estoy muy muy retrasada. Nuevas ideas, cositas preciosas como siempre...qué bien! Y la entrevista!!! Tienes una buena colección ya de nuevos talentos eh?
Un beso!

3:34 a. m.  

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