viernes, junio 02, 2006

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I so much wish i had tried to find a design to submit to this last Call for entries at Fred Flare.I remenber the thrill i got when they contact me to tell me i had been selected and the hapiness to be there among some of my favorite crafters. And this year it´s even better, there are awesome winners!
Here is my personal Nine Faves from Fred Flare´s Next Big Thing :

1. Stitch-it kit by Egg Press
2. Ghost(Teru-Teru)Necklace by Crowded Teeth
3. Apple apron by Karissa Kove
4. Forest Friend pouches by Seamripper
5.Coloring book by Roxy Marj
6.Mushroom Heart (Mogu) brooches by Little Odd Forest
7.Mini Piles of Paper by One Good Bumblebee
8.Neapolitan lip balm by Heather Joy
9.Rainbow friends letter set by The Small Object


Blogger Anabel said...

el 7 y el 8 son mis favoritos también. Todas las ediciones son geniales,pero esta vez han sido muy creativos.

1:06 p. m.  

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