miércoles, septiembre 20, 2006

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One of the things that i´m more proud of about this collection is that everything in it is entirely made in chicadecanela´s atelier. Take, for instance, the bags down below. They are mostly handmade: pattern, cutting of the fabric, cutting and sewing of the leather pieces, which have their own idiosyncrasies :) The embroidery is not made by hand, but it is an original design, made in the in-house computer and translated into my beloved embroidery machine. The rivets are also setted in our own machine.

'School' bag

Following the story of our little country school, this bag would be the one carried by the cute student-girls(this is an all girls school). It´s a perfect bag to fill with books and features a special pocket for friend´s little notes and strawberry bubblegum.

The School bag is also made with linen fabric in two different patterns and is lined in dark blue patterned cotton. It closes easily with two antique brass magnetic snap closures and features a drawstringed front with two dangling leather hearts. There´s also leather at the sides, to hold the adjustable strap. There´s a handy pocket at one side, also lined, that closes with a porcelain-like button. The "school" patch in front is an original design, embroidered in red thread. See more images here.

'Cherries' bag

The Cherries bag, featured here hanging from the classroom´s coat hanger, is a comfortable bag to take to school, or, if you are pass that period of your life, to take anywhere hanging easily from your shoulder. Made of linen, with a leather handle, magnetic snap closure disguised as a button closure (i saw something like this in a zakka book!). Big pocket in front and small pocket at one side (with lace detail!). It is lined with red cotton fabric and an inside pocket. And the detail that i most like is the embroidered patch, or rather, brooch, that can be detached or place somewhere else: it´s so cute, with the cherries design! See more images here.

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Anonymous Adriana said...

la cartera de las cerezas esta preciosa! Y me encantan todas las fotos. Felicitaciones!

2:23 a. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Gracias Adriana! :)

4:02 p. m.  
Blogger Wimpy said...

Definitely a great bag for school. Your work is beautiful!

11:29 p. m.  
Blogger natascha said...

Los bolsos son muy muy bonitos. Y todos los demás accesorios también. He visto que incluso las fresas se adaptan a esta colección. Madre mia! qué trabajo!! Otra vez Felicidades!

9:54 p. m.  

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