martes, mayo 24, 2005

More on Fred Flare´s The Next Big Thing

Wow, i´ve been going through THE NEXT BIG THING section at Fred Flare and i think it´s bursting with talent ( and then there is some people like me...). Everyone is great, but i have a few favorites or that i think will be most likely to be a super-boom! Like Lady Luck Rules Ok! tee, which i think is genious: pink, affordable, tongue-in-cheek and, the best part, comes with no less than 4 cool buttons! This is certainly a clever design. Sure she rules! Also favorites are the yummy cross stich pins by UK´s Present and Correct: this are incredibly cheap + original, my favorite is the cherry one, i´ll be ordering it! As i will surely be ordering the felt pencil case by Bittersweet Genevieve: i already knew this style from her webpage and i think is one of the coolest things i´ve ever seen, such a good idea! And what about the plush pb+j sandwich by My Paper Crane? Is this not adorable? It is very much Heidi´s style and she has a legion of fans so i predict this is gonna sell like, well, pb+j sandwiches! The Small Object´s anchor photo album is another one of my favorites as is everything that Sarah has created so far: this is so much fun and good price; and so it is Little Otsu´s doodle directory address book: for so little money you get such a special, personal work of art! One of my favorite t-shirts is Troublemakers´ rainy dayz which features a cute original illustration by Keren Ritchter, whose style i´ve been admiring for some time now. I love that it has lil´puff sleeves: i´m seriously considering its purchase ;9 There´s also Flying Fish´s glitter matches set, Good on Paper´s little idea book set, Kalani Lee´s pocket pal pin..., and, Bee Graeter of Bee Unit: i´m also a Prince fan! Special mention for adorable Kelsey of Kel-C, who, at only 14 years old, when the rest of us where still wondering around, already rocks! What else?: Frecklewonder, Born Unicorn(your stuff is selling so well, ain´t it?), Susie Ghahremani, Raoul de la Cruz from Extra Credi Crafts( i like cute boys sewing!), Power Pop Brand, Big Tips, Red Canary(you got 3 items in, no less!), Fooey, Ladyfriend, Modern Planet, Anne Brandt.Uf! I hope i don´t forget anyone. You are all supertalented! I´m so proud to be featured next to you in this project. Mean it!


Blogger betty said...

Que emoción, hoy he recibido el newsletter de fredflare, y ahí estabas tú, no me lo podía creer, MUCHAS FELICIDADES!! :)

4:56 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Ay, muchísimas gracias! Gracias por acordarte de mi! ^-^

5:00 p. m.  

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