miércoles, mayo 25, 2005

Hmmm...don´t know!

Ok! This is the famous pic that appears next to my profile in Fred Flare´s The Next Big Thing. Just me on any given day watering the plants, ya know? Posted by Hello

Mentions from fellow crafters: adventurous Kraf-o-la ,creator of the sweetest and tiniest felted creatures, has featured our "pretty kitty bag charm" in her fabulous Eye Candy Tuesday, where you can find the latest in fashions and passions around the globe. She didn´t mention our name, but we appear next to Keren Ritcher tee and My Paper Crane pb+j sweet sandwich no less!
Thank u.
Also, the lady miss Susie of boygirlparty fame, was graceful enough to have us mentioned on her blog: here Susie,We remain your humble servant!


Blogger little odd forest said...

you look so pretty! that's a great photo ;)

3:30 a. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...


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