sábado, junio 10, 2006

I have changed my Inspiring Blogs list:

That´s Hot is the newest blog adventure by One Good Bumblebee, to talk about her current obsessions in fashion and design. She usually is very good finding great stuff, so this is a must! You can also find her "personal" blog here.

Go Fug Yourself is for the bad girl in me -does chicadecanela have a dark side?: apparently yes-. I think it´s so hilariously written that i´m usually rolling all over the floor when reading. I specially enjoy Britney´s Diary.

Karin´s Style Blog is a classic in good design findings + Karin Ericsson´s work alone deserves to be looked at.

Modish is a quite recent blog (just 3 months in blogland), but it´s great for cool shopping finds, mostly indie shopping links, which are the best, don´t you agree? :). The girl behind it is also the designer from Curio J., a cool jewelry line.

Staying are Design Sponge (essential), Oh Joy! and Posie Gets Cozy.

As to my Friends´ List, just one new adition (friends are always hard to find, right?): Polkadots, a blog by a Japanese girl, in english, stylish because she is from Japan and everything they do is just cute. Beware, because she has threaten with opening an on-line zakka store: it could ruin some of us! ^^


Blogger Años Luz said...

genial los nuevos links, todavía no he tenido tiempo de verlos todos (tengo que estudiar, horror!!) pero that´s hot, ya me ha encantado, siempre tienes muy buen ojo para encontrar blogs, un beso, Lucía.

4:44 p. m.  

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