viernes, junio 16, 2006

friday i´m in love

Cotton&Paint is my favorite magazine ever. So bad it´s so expensive for us outside Japan, otherwise i will buy every number. So far i own # 22-23 and, soon, 24, so i guess, actually, i AM buying every number!. What i like about C&P, besides the cute factor, of course, is that they hire actual crafters for the contents of the magazine, that way the work you´ll find will always be fresh + genuine whilst, at the same time,contributing to help crafters be known. If there was something like this in my country it´ll be great, but we are like zillions of light years away from the development they have there in handmade culture, so i don´t suppose that´s going to happen any time soon; but think about it, girls, a magazine made by crafters for crafters, wouldn´t that be lovely?

So C&P is a great way of finding the cutest japanese designers. I must say i´m so much into Zakka i could wear a badge that says "Zakka addict". It´s style appeals to me completly: it´s cute without being pop-ish, it has the right amount of nostalgia, at it´s best it´s elegant, understated, detailed...and it always makes you smile.

Crafters i have found through Cotton&Paint:

Poche - aki original handmade

Images from

Oh, that pyramid of angels! Oh, the cute buttons! This japanese crafter works mostly with wood which she carves and treats and paints herself ( i´m assuming she is a girl, right?). I don´t know what you think but, to me, this are by far more adorable than Decole itself. Maybe it´s the vintage feel. I also love the fabric dolls with painted faces and details. And you do have to see the gift sets she puts together. Cute factor: 10/10

Atelier Akiko

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This is an old favorite. She specializes in quilt, patchwork. I like the way her stitches are a little bit off-center, drawing-style. I think she has something like a school or workshop. What would i give to learn something from Akiko!
And don´t you just love the logo. Beautiful! Cute factor: 9/10


Anonymous Niina said...

I totally share your love for C&P! I've got the latest 2 issues and I'm always flicking through reading as much as I can (my kanji isn't good enough to read everything!). Aki is one of my most favourite craftpeople featured in the magazine. And I agree, it's cuter than Decole. I think it's because everything is hand made so it has a more personal touch while Decole is mass produced so it loses that magic touch (although it is delightfully cute!). I can't wait for the next issue in August!

12:23 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

At least you can read something! If i could read C&P it´ll be heaven :)

1:09 p. m.  
Blogger natacha matic said...

I'm also an addict and I'm happy with that. I was so youg when it started and I'm still so crazy about all these cuteness.

4:48 p. m.  
Blogger Funky Finds said...

I'm glad I discovered your blog today. Very cool stuff :)

2:38 p. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

Thanks! Comeback soon! :)

8:49 p. m.  
Blogger RAQUEL said...

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Un Saludo!!!

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Blogger RAQUEL said...

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Blogger chicadecanela said...

¡Gracias por los links! :)

10:33 a. m.  

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