lunes, septiembre 25, 2006

* C È C I L E *C A P P U C C I N O *

Cècile cappuccino is filled with coffee beans and cinnamon and it is as comforting as a good warm 'cappuccino' on a rainy afternoon! Her body is made of linen or silk fabric and she sports a cute mother-of-pearl button in her hair! She hangs from an antique brass chain.

Cècile is my favorite doll and i always take extra-special care with her. This time, for instance, she comes inside a linen drawstring pouch with 'chicadecanela' stamped in front and she even has her own handtag!

{It makes a cute kit, all together! (^.^)}

See more images here.


Anonymous Paula said...

Me encanta! Es tan bonita, tan dulce y con olorcito a cafe, mi favorito.

11:25 p. m.  
Anonymous Niina said...

As weird as it may seem to say this, but she sounds delicious!

12:52 a. m.  
Blogger Majeak Ann said...

de ensueño..que lindo de café??! ay ay..
un saludo cariñoso Lucía..
besito :*

5:09 a. m.  

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