domingo, septiembre 24, 2006

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First of all, chicadecanela´s stockists list has been updated. Click here to find the nearest store!

Next,and after a brief weekend interruption, we continue with the exhibition of chicadecanela´s latest collection: School of Zakka.

Crochet is one of my favorite tecniques to work with, even thou
gh i´m not very good at it, but thankfully, i have some help to get all the stuff made. I like it because it is so flexible, much more so than knitting in my opinion: you can make almost anything with it. I like it too because crochet is one of the the quintessential handcrafts: it can only be made by hand and everything crochet that you see is handcrafted. In this collection there are some really pretty crochetted pieces, made mostly in basic colors, like brown, red and white.

'Crochet' bag

This is surely the bag that our young and lovely teacher would take for cappuccino with friends or maybe for a date, leaving the big 'Name' bag at home for a while. It is small and cute and most certainly she made it herself.
This bags are completely hand crocheted with knitted details and matching ribbons at both sides. Thin leather straps with tiny antique brass buckle in front. Antique brass magnetic snap closure. Lined in an adorable red cotton fabric with tiny white flowers. Inside pocket. Here you see it in cherry red, but it´s also available in chocolate brown or wool white. See more images here.

'Crochet' iPod®Case

Angela, the loveliest girl at school, has been given a white iPod as a birthday present - ¡lucky girl! - and her beloved granny, who is quite the fashion connoisseur, has crocheted her a cool zippered pouch to keep it clean and safe from scratching, and, what´s more, the pouch features a hook so that Angela can hang it from her blue jeans or her 'School' bag and sing to 'The Little Mermaid' soundtrack along the road to school.

Zippered crochetted and knitted case for your music and video storage device :) With enough room for a standard iPod® and to keep the headphones in when not in use. Hanging from a leather strap, antique brass hook and dangling ornaments (mother-of-pearl foxy, cinnabar heart, cluster of bells...) In cherry red, chocolate brown and wool white. See more images here.

Owl and hen brooches

Handmade brooches in earthy tones with red details. They have the nostalgic look and feel of vintage toys. Their original eyes fell off and they were replaced for mother-of-pearl buttons secured with red stitching. See more images here and here.

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Anonymous jenny vorwaller said...

oh my goodness! :)* it's all so lovely!

and it's funny what you said..."maybe someday you will come live in spain" because that is my very plan!! * we're truly considering it next, anyway! (plans, they have been known to change, oh my) i hope its a small dream that comes true, and by then, maybe my spanish will be better! you ship to s. america? :)) *grins*

besos! xoxo.

6:43 a. m.  
Blogger chicadecanela said...

I know you are in the middle of a hectic moving and so i must thank you to take the time to have a look at my stuff. You are so sweet! If you ever come to Spain i´d be delighted to help you :) And , yes, i ship anywhere in the world!

9:52 a. m.  
Blogger Beatriz said...

Me encanta el bolso, además en rojo! Y la gallina y el buho. Están tan bien hechos :p

12:12 p. m.  
Anonymous Christelle said...

This little owl is so sweet :)

9:12 a. m.  
Blogger natascha said...

Madre mia!! Qué preciosos!! El bolso me gusta pero el buho y la gallina son geniales. Tengo que felicitarte otra vez porque tu trabajo me parece magnífico! Esas dos aves me parecen fantásticas! Veo que el tiempo que has estado desconectada de la red ha sido inspiradora y ha dado sus frutos.

3:03 p. m.  
Blogger G&M said...

hola nos encanta tu trabajo nos parece genial e inspirador... te felicito!! he creado un blog con algunas cosas q he hecho si quieres entrar la dir es:

no somos tan buenos como tu pero lo iremos intentando, somos nuevos en esto y tmb en el tema de los blogs deseanos suerte!! son las primeras fotos pero habran mas...

11:56 p. m.  

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