miércoles, octubre 18, 2006

Á Paris

Wow, it´s been a long while... ¡Sorry! >_>

Have i talked about the * Á Paris * collection?

This is a very limited collection of items based around which is possibly the cutest fabric in the world: yes! The fabric is by Japanese brand Lecien, and it´s called 'French Buvard' and inspired by vintage french advertisements. So it´s kind like french through Hello Kitty, just like i like it! I imported this fabric directly from Japan and i really have a very limited batch: it´s going fast and, although i´m happy that people loves it, i´m also sad to see it go (but i´m keeping some for myself :) Before sewing the actual pieces, i put all the elements together and they looked so gorgeous:

You just had to make something with it! Two different Lecien´s 'French Buvard' printed cottons, a 'grid' patterned fabric in reds and blues and 'marine' polkadots over creamy white in a delicious cotton/linen mix. So lovely! And notions like the polkadotted ribbons, special buttons and beads... the cutest parisian world ever ^.^

= = = = = = = = = =

The * Á Paris * collection is still available in my own on-line
shoppe: La Tienda.

Au Revoir!


Anonymous jenny vorwaller said...

ohh! beautiful collection, it's all so adorable! :)

love, jenny

5:03 a. m.  
Blogger natacha matic said...

:D happy to see you back!!! I love your collection!

10:24 a. m.  
Anonymous Barbara said...

Me encanta la coleccion! pronto me gustaria adquirir alguno de los productos porque son preciosos y estan hechos con mucho gusto! felicidades por tu creatividad!

8:53 p. m.  
Anonymous momo said...

great fabric and collection!!

9:08 a. m.  
Blogger little odd forest said...

what have you been up to lady? (^.^) Gorgeous collection as always!

6:01 p. m.  
Anonymous Mar said...

¡qué cosas más cucas! no sé cual de las colecciones me gusta más

10:31 a. m.  
Blogger natascha said...

La tela es preciosa. Ya me fijé en ella al ver la colección. Te ha quedado muy bonito y espero que se venda de maravilla (aunque te dé pena que "se vayan!). Espero que estés bien!

8:05 p. m.  
Blogger Precilia said...

Very very very Nice, I really love it !!

11:09 a. m.  
Anonymous amy said...

*singing* I loooove Paris, in the morning, I looooe PArissss in the Spring....

:D gorgeous!

9:53 p. m.  
Blogger Majeak Ann said...

La colección es fascinante y me deja sin palabras.
Te mandé un email (detalle).
Me alegra verte de nuevo, un abrazo grande!

12:52 a. m.  

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