domingo, noviembre 05, 2006

i heart otto et moi

Ooops! My computer had a nervous break-down and i have felt a little lonesome without it these days. Luckily, it is feeling better right know, thanks (v,v)
I was desperately in need of a blog-fix because i just had to post about this most amazing gift that was bestowed upon me by loveliest, cutest, most adorable Ariel. Look:
¡A pair of brand new Otto et Moi heels! Although we had agreed to a swap this was completely unexpected: and unexpected gifts are the most joyful, as we all ought to know. As you can see this are some seriously pretty shoes, somehow perfect for me: black patent leather with polkadot fabric and a bow! I could wear them every other day!
This shoes are part of the Autum/Winter collection as you can see complete here. Mine are style #0753, but there are some other awesome styles too! In fact, the whole collection is incredible :) And watch out for the new Otto et Moi spring/summer which will even include bags! I know they will be amazing, because amazing is the only thing this talented lady does!
I am so happy with my Ottos (*-*) Y


And i wanted to thank all the ladies who so sweetly commented on my post bellow showing their liking for the Á Paris collection. So kind of you!


Blogger Beatriz said...

Son preciosos! Qué de envidias vas a despertar ;)

8:55 a. m.  
Blogger Ariel said...


2:16 p. m.  
Blogger RAQUEL said...

me encantan!! Yo quiero unos!!!

8:55 p. m.  

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