martes, agosto 30, 2005

Well, here i go: off to Madrid Fashion Week (Simm)...i´m a little bit nervous: wish me good luck!
If you happen to be in Madrid beetween Friday 2 and Monday 5 of September maybe you wouldn´t mind to drop by and say hello: I´ll be in IFEMA:Hall 6: Section PLATAFORMA: stand 12. I´ll be delighted to see you!
For those of you that cannot manage to come: i promise, promise, promise that i will take pictures and post images of all my new stuff in case you´re curious about it.

I´ll be back next week!

Love, peace + b mild ; )

Lucia a.k.a. chicadecanela

sábado, agosto 27, 2005

Illustration Friday: Dreams

sweet dreams! Posted by Picasa
I am cheating a little here: i took this previous IF submission and change it that little bit. I really like this puppy!

viernes, agosto 26, 2005

All the things i want.

Yerba Mansa poster by Jill Bliss Posted by Picasa
Following the likes of One Good Bumblebee - lady who´s always on the look out for the next cool thing -, I´ve made up my own wishlist at You can add items from any webpage! I invite you to visit my list: go to the sidebar or click here. But i warn you: i have already listed nearly 70 items!

martes, agosto 23, 2005

Not that i want to take the place of Design* Sponge genious- and maybe she´s posted about this already-, but had you seen this looovely mirror?Posted by Picasa
I found it at It´s a design from Design Can duo: they have one mirror with laser-cut moustache that is hilarious!...but i´m more of the "songbird" kind. You can see the hole range here.Cute!

lunes, agosto 22, 2005

Great news! Natascha S. Rosenberg has a new blog It is a lovely blog to have a look at and it will surely be lovely to read from too! Visit and find all about this mega-talented free-lance illustrator!

viernes, agosto 19, 2005

Illustration Friday: Reflection

...a little bit ghostly, but then... Posted by Picasa

It´s a zakka world!
oh! Posted by Picasa It seems there´s no end to cuteness in Japan´s zakka world. I keep finding great links to zakka, handmade or simply lovely stuff in Japan. What i find most awesome is the attention to detail and the tastefulness with wich they display their items. Here are some random links: Brule shop Clover collage artist Cotton craft Ne*ene shop Shoppe Zakka MiniMini

miércoles, agosto 17, 2005

chicadecanela is in the press!

Recently, some of chicadecanela´s stuff was seen in Diva magazine in Spain sorrounded by other brands that you might also have heard about =) like, say, Nolita, Salvatore Ferragamo, Les Nereides...Here is the pic in case you can´t believe it! My stuff is top center, nº12 These particular items i think i never posted here so i´m showing you some pics: this are part of Beach Girl collection: brooches and handbag charms made out of colourful felt depicting happy sea-creatures with curious eyes :) Hope you like them!

chicadecanela stuff in a magazine! Posted by Picasa

Batch of Jellyfish Posted by Picasa

she-squid in pink Posted by Picasa

little sea-horse Posted by Picasa

Got mail!

Came back from 2 weeks journey, i find 2 surprises in my mail-box: they are waiting for me at the mail-office. A parcel from Crafty Ass Chick: the Felt Flower Kit in pastels that i had ordered.
Another one from Japan, via Germany, Zakka books from YesAsia, that you can see bellow.I will give you the isbn´s: left to right ISBN4-8347-2266-x/ISBN4-579-10968-6/ISBN4-579-11008-O

Zakka wonders! + couple o´ cherries i made 2dayPosted by Picasa
I was so much dying to own some of those Zakka books that i saw pictured in other people´s blogs; especially when Craftlog girl created the gorgeous Crafting Japanese site. So i ordered some from YesAsia: shipping is free with a minimun purchase, so it was just as easy and inexpensive as buying from a local bookstore.
As to the books they are loaded with the cutest stuff and directions that look easy to follow. I think they are inspiring: it´s my kind of stuff!

Felt Flower Kit from Posted by Picasa
Behold! Now, thanks to Craftyasschick i know how to make a needle felted flower brooch.
This one here is my first attemp: Pretty mean but, hey, it´s the first one, just give me a lil´ time!
Now, seriously, you should go and check Crafty ass chick site: she sells all kind of stuff+craft gear. This kit came so nicely packaged completed with a handy directions booklet + i got some promos from other crafters, which is always fun. So happy!

domingo, agosto 14, 2005


Next, some pictures from the shooting of the video for Turgalicia. This is what i have been up to these past two weeks in the capacity of "fashion editor" + in charge of the wardrobe. It was so tiresome, waking up so early to catch the rising sun and staying until late to film the night-life scenes. It is a tough job really, working in the making of movies, except for the actors, who always arrive the last ones and leave the first! On the whole: better than working in an office, at list for me, but i´d rather be in my little workshop!

Herr Director, who also happens to be my beloved boyfriend, strikes a pose as an experienced movie-maker on our first shooting day. Posted by Picasa

Aboard a yacht; Titanic style. Posted by Picasa

This is spectacular: a breakfast at Hostal de los Reyes Catolicos in Santiago de Compostela with the background of the Cathedral covered in mist. It was 6 in the morning. Posted by Picasa

This is me in the car overlooking a gorgeous sunset in La Coruna´s bay. Posted by Picasa

Our starring couple being told how to act in this scene inside a well-known cafe in Santiago, "The Lost Paradise" Posted by Picasa

Herr Productor mastering the "dinner inside an Acuarium" set. Quite dramatic! Posted by Picasa